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Don’t worry, Verify will document all the details when we conduct a field visit.  Or you can also contact us on 03333 446 871 and will ensure that all details are passed back to our client for resolution.

If you have a dispute, please contact us, and tell us about your dispute. We are here to help and will, if needed, go back to our client, and ask for a response to your query. It is important you contact us, so we can help you and resolve this matter. Contact us on 03333 446 871.

For free debt advice or support please contact any of the below:

  • StepChange debt charity 0800 138 111
  • Payplan free debt advice 0800 280 2816
  • Citizens Advice 0344 411 1444
  • Shelter Helpline 0808 800 4444

Alternatively, try Snoop: they offer a free mobile app designed to help you save money. Find out more about Snoop at:

We would encourage you to set up a payment plan. In our experience once customers have talked to us and we fully understand their circumstances, we can put in place an affordable and conveniently timed payment plan which provides many of our customers the peace of mind that their debt is being repaid gradually in an affordable and sustainable way.